Purrs of Wisdom by Timmy

For my first book review on this sparkling new page, I decided to forego the expected subjects or biographies to focus on a feline one instead. You’ll find some of the more personal reasons for this in my associated post but I also think that in the chaos of a global pandemic, a little something fun can go a long way.

Purrs of Wisdom is the fourth book in the Timmy series and are written by Timmy’s ‘person,’ Chris Meier. The book is largely based around photographs of Timmy, with poems and observations about his life as a senior, adopted cat.

The series of books aren’t available in the UK at present but there’s a list of different ways to get your paws on them by going to kardzbykris.wordpress.com where you will find all things Timmy.

If you’re not a cat or animal person, this book really isn’t for you. But if you are a cat lover like me, this is a little something to make you smile!

Rating: 4 out of 5.