Unravelled by Briony Marshall

Thanks to the author and publisher and Love Books Tours for the copy of this book, in return for my honest opinion.

Claire used to be an avid knitter but loses her creativity and zest for life after her long term relationship ends. She’s living at home, working in a job she’s lost her appetite for and now she’s even struggling with her favourite pastime of knitting. A chance encounter with a tall, dark, handsome, scarf-wearing stranger leads to new friends and a new profile on an online dating site. But can Claire see that happiness is right at the end of her knitting needles?

What a fun, feel-good story to end my August reading with! I enjoyed the characters Claire meets and the “will they / won’t they” storyline with Adrian, the owner of Oddballs wool shop (love the name!). I empathised with Claire’s frustration with online dating and also her confusion about what on Earth those knitting pattern abbreviations actually mean!

I was going to attempt the scarf pattern which came with the book but I definitely need to practise before I tackle it, especially since I spent most of my time unravelling my thumb from my attempts at knitting and purling!

This is a fun, modern romance and you don’t have to be a knitter extraordinaire to enjoy it. You’ll probably smile wryly though at certain parts if you’ve ever tried taming wool into something other than a tangle! 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.