Kissing Daisy Parker by Michael Milton

Thanks to the author, publisher and Love Books Tours for the digital copy of this book, in return for my honest opinion.

Here’s the blurb: First loves. Last chances. Street Fighter II. Daisy is a Sylvia Plath reading, Robert Smith devotee, planning on a summer of Australian beaches with or without her two favourite boys. Obsessed gamer and jealous boyfriend Greg needs the prize money from the Scottish Street Fighter II championships to join Daisy in Oz. She wouldn’t really go without him. Would she?
Scottish-born, English-accented Junaid is the couple’s best friend. Haunted by that school dance and terrified of the future, he finds himself falling for his best friend’s girl. When a disastrous event at the video game tournament brings Daisy and J closer together, Greg attempts the ultimate redemption.
Each makes decisions which alter the course of their friendship, and their lives, forever. But do the answers to life’s biggest questions truly lie in kissing Daisy Parker?

Here’s my review: I loved this novel and the nineties memories it brought back for me. The author skilfully takes the reader back to the itchy feet of sixth formers desperate to get on with life, to experience something more: the first kisses and romantic embarrassments; the confused emotions and feelings; and the need to discover individual identity versus the fear of losing those who have been close for years.

The storyline progresses brilliantly through the use of each character’s perspective and memories which helped me identify with them, building my understanding and empathy. The perfect uplifting book for summer!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.