Reliance by Paul McMurrough

Thanks to the author and Love Books Tours for the digital copy of this book in return for my honest opinion.

Let’s start with the blurb: An eruption on the Sun leaves the Earth powerless, but is it a temporary inconvenience or the start of a spiral into anarchy?

Belfast Professor Martin Monroe knows the answers, but once branded a conspiracy nut, he struggles to get anyone to listen to his warnings of the impending disaster. His only friend, Simon Wilson, still coming to terms with the loss of his wife, is the only person who will listen.
Government Communications officer, Lisa Keenan, fights against bureaucracy, and her own lack of confidence, to get the word out. She enlists the help of Martin, despite the protests of her colleagues.

With a wife and new-born child to think of, prison supervisor, Derek Henderson, must weigh duty against family and live with the consequences of his decisions.
Will the world’s total reliance on technology, and the electricity that powers it, lead to the irreversible disintegration of society on a global scale?

Here’s my review: I’ve read a few books lately which turned up the heat gently and gradually involves me in the action. Paul McMurrough unashamedly set the pace alight from the beginning and kept the inferno blazing right to the end. The back story to the characters was as much as was needed and not an ounce more, which worked perfectly for this dystopian thriller.

The sucker punches just keep coming and the author isn’t afraid to kill characters off, leaving the reader even more on edge.

The narrative starts with controversy over whether President Trump has been assassinated (ah, the irony of fake news).I thought this was a clever touch setting the scene for collective, scornful disbelief when the alarm was raised about the impending disaster.

This novel made me realise just how much we rely upon technology and how vulnerable we could be should something seriously interrupt the power supply.

I understand McMurrough couldn’t read until he was 15, yet he attained a first class honours degree and wrote a successful novel (not to mention “Elbow At The Bar” in The Fall) – a genuine inspiration!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.