Billy Tapper Zillionaire by Gary Finnan

Thank you to the author, publisher and Love Books Tours for the copy of this book in return for my honest opinion.

What a fun read! Billy McTaggart is following his father’s footsteps as a tapper in a British railyard in the years following World War 2. He wants to make something of himself, so the girl he’s given his heart to and his dear mam can be proud of him. Early in the book, Billy makes a discovery in an abandoned rail car which changes the path he thought his life would take. The reader follows him on his adventures through rock and roll, romance and Britain’s strict class system, and sees him meet some colourful characters, some of whom you will recognise!

Not only is this a story of generations, but one of remembering your roots and also forgiveness. I liked the way Billy’s discovery in the rail car not only changes his immediate circumstances but also continues to haunt him through the years, as both a blessing and in some ways, a curse.

There were times when I wondered if Billy’s “sense of what is right” (as per the blurb) had left the building but I forgave him as he’s such a loveable character. I felt for his mam through the story but disliked Meg from start to finish – I love it when an author writes characters who stir up such strong emotions in me!

I understand from the author, Gary Finnan, that Billy will be returning in Billy Tapper – Extraordinaire, and I’m looking forward to see where his adventures take him next.

Oh, and Rincewind the cat seems to like this book too!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.