About Me

I’m Jo, a lifelong bookworm and budding author. I live and work in the North West of England with my two mini-me’s and three cats. I grew up on the Isle of Man so moving in 2002 to the mainland where there are motorways, foxes and trains which aren’t powered by steam was a culture shock which I’ve just about recovered from!

I don’t think I’ve found a genre with which I can’t make friends, or at the very least become casual acquaintances. If I were to have a dinner party of genres though, I’d probably invite crime procedurals, supernatural suspense, comedy, historical fiction, literary fiction, psychological thrillers and horror if it promised to wipe the blood off its shoes before coming in. I also read non-fiction, spiritual, romance and young adult novels so as you can see, I’ll pick up just about anything.

I fought for many years against the tide of technology however I eventually had to admit that ebooks had a place in my life, especially when travelling or in waiting rooms. I could never give up physical books; there’s something deeply comforting about the tactile and auditory experience of turning pages.

When I’m not reading, I can be found doing something creative and messy or writing my own novel, which I hope one day will bring others as much pleasure as some of my favourite books.