What She Saw By Diane Saxon (@rararesources Blog Tour)

Welcome, bookworm! Come in from the mist and have a look at what I’ve got here. Don’t worry about your shoes, it’s only around the Classics shelves that you need to take them off, or they’ll be demanding someone clean the carpet…

I haven’t even had time to brew a pot of tea for you as I’ve been obsessed with this book by Diane Saxon, What She Saw. I’ve never come across this author before and I loved it! Let me tell you some more about it:

Here’s the blurb: ‘An addictive 5* read that kept me guessing. Diane Saxon’s DS Jenna Morgan series is brilliant’ – bestselling author, Ross Greenwood.
Perfect for fans of Cara Hunter
Why does someone want the Lawrence family dead?

The Lawrence’s were the perfect family; successful, beautiful, and happy until one night their whole world was ripped apart. 
Detective Sergeant Jenna Morgan is called to investigate the suspected arson attack and death of the Lawrence family at the charred remains of their stunning home, Kimble Hall.
The case takes a sinister turn as the body count fails to tally.
Suspecting that someone may have survived the inferno, DS Morgan and her team need to discover whether they have a witness, or someone far more dangerous.
Who set the fire? Who wanted this family extinguished beyond recognition?
As the case progresses, DS Morgan realises she has a calculating, cold-blooded killer on her hands, and the race is on to track them down before they kill again.

Now let me tell you about the author: Diane Saxon previously wrote romantic fiction for the US market but has now turned to writing psychological crime. Find Her Alive was her first novel in this genre and introduced series character DS Jemma Morgan. She is married to a retired policeman and lives in Shropshire.

And last but not least, here’s my review: I’ve described myself as being gripped by a novel before but this story did something more than that: It leapt from the pages, slapped virtual handcuffs on me and read me my rights, only releasing me when I got to the end. It starts as it means to go on, with the reader seeing first hand what actually happened in Kimble Hall, then watching DS Jenna Morgan and her loyal team try to put the charred pieces of the puzzle together.

DS Morgan is now quite possibly my favourite fictional detective, with her nerve of steel, heart of gold and a soft spot for the animals in her life. Her relationship with her sister is close, particularly after events in the first book in the series which are referred to in What She Saw. I haven’t read Find Her Alive but I don’t feel like this detracted from my reading experience. The only thing I may have missed is even more nights of my mind racing off in all directions to try and figure out what was going to happen next!

I haven’t felt this excited about a police procedural series since I discovered Peter James and Angela Marsons. I’ll definitely read Find Her Alive too and am eagerly awaiting more encounters with DS Morgan and her team. There’s only one rating I can give this – a definite 5 stars from me!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Well, bookworm, do you like the sound of it? If so, you can click on the book image above which will take you to a page on Amazon to purchase it (I don’t get anything for providing the link, I’m just being a helpful bookworm). And now I must move on. I promised the Saga books that I’d have a word with the Classics again about keeping the volume down when they’re playing their Bach concertos. Farewell, bookworm!

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