Unravelled… In more ways than one!

Hello there, bookworm! Come in, come in and have a seat. Oh, I’m sorry, you can’t with all that wool there, can you? Right, I’ll just pop it over here so you can make yourself comfortable. So how have you been? I’m so relieved the heat wave is over and we’re entering my favourite season of Autumn. You’re looking puzzled… oh, the wool! Ah yes, it’s not something usually found amongst my bookshelves but I’ve taken up knitting again having been inspired by Briony Marshall’s novel, Unravelled.

I’ve posted a review of it which you can read by clicking the image above or the button below. I’ve popped it on my Feel Good Fiction shelf where it’s bringing light-hearted romance to those who read it.

I’ve mentioned previously that my mum was an avid reader (you can read the post here if you like) but she also used to enjoy knitting when the Autumn nights drew close. The clicking and clacking of knitting needles is a sound that transports me into a homely memory of reading next to my mum as she knitted, toasty warm in front of a log fire. Well, in all honesty that effect only happens when someone else is knitting rather than when I’m attempting it as I’m really not very good at it!

Bookworms who purchase Briony Marshall’s book, Unravelled, will receive the pattern to make the scarf worn by the lovely Adrian in the book and I’ve promised Briony faithfully that I’ll tag her in to a photo of it when one day I pluck up the courage to make it. For now, I count any knitting session as successful if I have managed not to tangle my thumb in wool or gone from 30 stitches in a row to 36…

Don’t worry though, I haven’t abandoned my books for skeins of wool – I’ve added several reviews to Book Review Corner and will be posting some more musings around the topics of reviews coming up in September. In the meantime, feel free to look around while I chase the cat who has just run off with my knitting needles…

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To learn more about Briony Marshall please click here. To learn more about Love Books Tours please click here.

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